Vision of Heaven

Passing through the hallway I glanced into my nephew’s doorway to see if he was sleeping.  With his head raised staring at the wall, I asked him if something was wrong.  With a worrisome voice he explained that he is unable to fall asleep because of scary images popping in his head.  Kneeling besides his bed I reassured him that Jesus is with him and watching over him and that he had nothing to be afraid of.  Just minutes prior, I had already tucked him into bed and prayed with him.  I let him know I would pray with him again so he would feel comforted.  After I prayed, I asked him to close his eyes and ask Jesus to fill him with good thoughts and show him good things.  To my surprise he answered, “He does”……..

Full of curiosity I asked, “What does He show you?”  “Heaven”, as he smiled.  Oh my, “Really, what did you see?” “A chair.”  Could this be the Throne of God?  By now my eyes are fully lit up, “What does the chair look like?” “It’s BIG.”  “Wow, what else did you see?”  Grinning from ear to ear, “God.”  “Really?!  And what is He doing?” “Sitting on the chair.”   I realized he had been shown something so amazing we only dream or imagine.  “What does he look like?”  “He’s BIG and really white.”  “Wow, did you see anything else?”  Overwhelmed by all these thoughts I visualized every part that he spoke of as if I was there….  “Yes, angels”, still smiling.  “What are they doing?”  As he giggled, “They are all around God.”  “Doing what?”  “Guarding Him.”  By now it begins to hit me like a ton of bricks.  I’ve only read through the book of Revelation several times and the details of ‘The Throne Room’.  How could he know so much?  He is only 5 but what I sensed, this boy has been shown the real deal!  So I ask just for the sake of hearing his answer, “Who told you these things?”  “No one told me”, with the sweetest smile sweeping across his face.  Deep down inside I believed him.  “What do the angels look like?”  “Really white. And heaven is white. Is heaven white Auntie?” full of curiosity.  Thoughts were racing through my head. I’ve only seen a small vision myself of Jesus dressed in a pure, whiter than white robe and two angels standing next to him with huge white wings, I couldn’t see their faces,  and in the background the purest brightest white.  “Tell me more, what else did you see?”  “More angels, lots of them.”  “And what are they doing?”  “They’re singing.”  Blown away and unable to contain it all I pressed for more details but that’s all he could think of at that moment.  Realizing he must be tired I figured I would save my questions for the following day. Surely there was more but I needed to wait.  Then giggling away he said, “I’m going to heaven” so sure of himself and so full of delight.  God must have shown him he was going to heaven.  His finger then pointed right at me motioning back and forth, “And you’re going to heaven”, more giggles.  I was too overwhelmed.  God what else did you show him?  I kissed him goodnight and told him how special he was that God allowed him to see heaven.  He giggled with pure excitement…

That night as I got ready for bed, all I could think about was heaven.  It was so amazing to hear what my nephew saw was exactly spoken of in the book of Revelation, ‘The Throne Room’.

The very next day after work I casually brought up the night before.  “So do you remember anything else about heaven?” His attention was on his toys.  “Tell me about the angels again, what did you see?”  Continuing to play, “Big white white wings but you can’t see their faces.”  “Anything else?” believing new things would be explained.  “Yah”, still occupied.  “What?”  Careful not to place thoughts in his mind, I asked if he saw a light or maybe the sun as I imagined the radiance of God.  He answered, “No, but I see God and He’s Strong, really Strong and Big!”  “What does he look like?”  Reiterating, his focus still not on me, “He’s strong, real strong, and really big.”  “What else?” I thought to myself, he couldn’t have possibly seen his face.  Suddenly he looks at me, his eyes lit up as he smiled, “He’s, bright, bright, bright!”  No doubt he saw the full radiance of God.  “Oh wow and what else did you see in heaven?”  “There’s a table.”  “What kind of table?  Was there anything on it?”  “Yes, a bowl.”  Thinking he said a bull I asked what the bull looked like.  “Nooo, a bowl!”  “Oh! So what was in the bowl?” “Gold.”  This was just more than I could handle.  He spoke so matter of fact as if this wasn’t the first time he saw heaven.  “And there are stars all around the table.  They’re really cool.  But my favorite part is the bowl.  I like the bowl and I like heaven.  I’m gonna go to heaven.”

Have you ever wondered if heaven was real? What does it look like? What does God look like? Is He real?  Revelation 4 speaks of God sitting on the throne and the cherubim and seraphim that stand guarding him day and night, and the 24 elders surrounding the throne dressed in white holding the golden bowls of incense which are the prayers of the saints.  It describes the many angels and how they sing and worship God 24/7.  In the first chapter of Revelation John describes One like the Son of Man whose head and hair were white like wool and Who’s countenance was like the Sun shining in all its strength.  He held the seven stars in His hands which represent the angels of the seven churches.  I challenge you to open your bible and read the account on your own.

Could the brightness of God be so radiant and brilliant that it appears as white?  I believe so.   We can only imagine and hope that the day will come when we will behold God face to face and all His Glory!  Are you ready?


6 thoughts on “Vision of Heaven

  1. M says:

    Very awesome Patty! No words but just WOW! God is GREAT! MIGHTY!

  2. melissa says:

    That was AMAZING! Brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Christine says:

    I Love the way GOD uses the little ones to encourage us to keep seeking HIS face…I also love how your little guy says, “I’m going to heaven…and you’re going to heaven.” Precious and true!

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