Standing in Darkness

Keep your mouth shut when told not to speak about your Faith in God.

Deny Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior when confronted about who you serve.

Do not spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that you will not be persecuted.


Daniel stood up for His faith in God despite being told to pray to the King of the land and no other God and was thrown into the lion’s den.  God was with him and shut the mouths of the lions and delivered Daniel.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stood up for their Faith in God when told to bow down to a false God (idol) and they were thrown into a fiery furnace to be burned alive. God was with them in the furnace and delivered them unharmed.

Peter & John were arrested for preaching the Gospel and told to keep their mouths shut, but their response was “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29) They continued to preach and many came to salvation because of the power of God and the faith of God in their lives.  They learned to fear God rather than man.

In the days of old, man was told not to serve the ONE true God or suffer the consequences.  In many nations this continues to stand but in some nations we have had the freedom of speech and religion.  We are now living in a day where laws and rules are changing across the land to keep our mouths shut, to not spread the Gospel, to deny Christ, and to not speak His name.  What will you do when you are confronted?  Will you stay silent?  Or will you be a Peter, a Daniel, a true man or woman of Faith who will speak the name above every name no matter the cost?

2 Timothy 2:11-12

11 This is a faithful saying:

For if we died with Him,
We shall also live with Him.
12 If we endure,
We shall also reign with Him.
If we deny Him,
He also will deny us.


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