My First Love

What happened between us?  We were so intimate and close.  Our love and relationship was strong.  We were as one.  You said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me.  Didn’t I love you enough?  Didn’t I show you how much I care?  I thought you trusted me, gave your heart to me.

Did you really love me?  Wasn’t I enough for you?

You shared your dreams with me, your ambitions, your heart and your passion with me.  When you spoke I listened, but you also let me speak, while you listened.  Our communication made us strong.  All those long walks and conversations we had were so special.  I loved it when you danced with me, especially when you sang to me.  The sound of your voice was so tender and sweet because they were love songs made just for me.  We shared every waking moment together, just you and I.

You had such a willingness and openness to do new things.  What fun and adventure we had together.  The joys and the sorrows.

Now I hardly hear from you.  You visit randomly.  Barely say a word.  You seem to come around for a short time and then you’re gone. What is it that stole you away from me? Is it your job, your family, circumstances or is there another one who’s captured your heart?

Wasn’t I there for you?  To listen to you?  To hold you?  To comfort you?  Didn’t I accept you despite your past and all your pain?

I wanted the best for you and thought I gave you my best.

You see, I desire a relationship that will last, a relationship that will endure, and a relationship that never gives up.  No more one night affairs.  I’m very jealous and don’t want anything or anyone to get in between us.

I still love you and will never stop loving you.  You still hold a special place in my heart.  If you ever decide to come back, I’m ready and willing to receive you with open arms.”

Come back…

I miss you…


Your First Love,


Have you forgotten your “First Love”? He’s waiting for you!


Center of My Life

I have found so much satisfaction and joy in walking with the Lord –

Until we step out of our comfort zone, we will never experience “All” that God has for us.

He must become the “Center of our lives”.

I love the words of this song from Hillsong:

Let my walk speak loud
And my words be true
Let my life be whole
With my eyes on you
Lord I’m stepping out
From the comfort zone
Letting go of me,
Holding onto You

Freedom comes
When I call You Lord
You are Lord my God

You are the centre of it all,
The universe declares in awe
Your majesty
I surrender all
I make you
The centre of my life
Lord, I respond with all I am
you placed in me the song
Of heavens melody
Your Majesty
I live to sing Your song

I have found Your peace
It replaces any fear
You have done it all
I can trust in you
So I’m stepping out
From the comfort zone
Letting go of me
Holding onto you

This is your song, not mine
It is your song that brings healing to this land
This is your song, not mine
It is your song that brings freedom
Freedom comes, when I call you Lord
Freedom comes, when I call you Lord
You are Lord, my God
You are the song
You are the majesty
I live to sing your song
Your majesty
I live to sing Your song

Wilderness Adventure

Today was no walk in the park.  Literally.  Walking a desert trail in the Sandia foothills for 3 miles seemed like an eternity!  It took 2 hours before I returned to the starting point.

Resting at the first picnic table I saw, I took in a deep breath of fresh air and soaked in the valley view before me.  My intention was to just sit, relax, and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery.  What the heck.  I decided to take a short walk.  No more than 10 minutes at most.  The path was nice and wide.  Passed by a few hikers and bicyclists.  At the first marker I would turn around and head back. Why not keep going…I continued on the path.  Good exercise and a beautiful day, I could go a little further.  How can I get lost anyway? I had the map in hand from the park ranger.  So further and further I went.  My legs began to get sore.  What was I thinking?!  I’m not your everyday hiker.  I didn’t even warm up, so I wasn’t prepped to go any further.  As I stopped to breathe, I panted, looked around, few more bicyclists raced on by.  Wow!  What stamina!  That’s it!  If they can do it, I can do it!  Onward I went…

Taking a right turn at the next marker, the road began to narrow.  Was I on the wrong path? Was this for bicyclists only?  Up and down small hills and valleys, the road seemed to get rockier and narrower.  Desert bushes and trees were closing in on me.   The path was only wide enough for one person.  The sun seemed to fade but it was still daylight.  Should I have taken another trail, or rather, just turned around?  Wait, I was entering coyote and mountain lion territory!  Don’t they come out to hunt at this time in the evening?

Destined to follow a rough-cut path off the trail, I decided to take a shortcut.  No, no, stay on the main path.  The end must be getting closer.  My leg started to cramp pretty good.  What if it cramped so bad I couldn’t make it back?  So I stopped to rest on a large flat boulder.  There was no turning back.  Every bend in the road took me deeper and deeper.  Afraid it would be dark soon I continued on.  Another hill, another dry creek, up another hill.  Each turn I took felt so close, yet so far away.  Didn’t I pass the last sign that pointed in the right direction?  Another shortcut ahead.  No, stay on the path.  There, I could finally see the sun in view.  I was headed in the right direction.  Coming to a fork in the road, I stopped.  Ok the map should be right.  Another marker.  That was it.  The path began to widen.  Large enough for five people to walk side by side.  Nice and straight.  Although it took me another 1/2 mile to the finish, I realized I finally made it through the rough terrain just as the sun began to set.

God spoke to me on my little journey.  It had been an emotional rough day for me.  Praying all day I asked Him for answers to questions I had.  Near the end of my adventurous walk, He said: ‘The road will become rough at times in your life,  there will be times you feel like you are lost and alone, you will go through hills and valleys, face opposition from the enemy, get bumps and bruises along the way, become fearful, want to give up and not continue on, there will be forks in the road, but always remember, I am with you, I will be your strength and your guide, I will never leave or forsake you, I will show you the exact direction you need to take, just never give up, never turn back and always stay on the path I have paved for you.’

As I overlooked the valley view, I stood and paused, choking back my tears as I felt the sun shining upon me.  ‘Now turn around and look where you came from.  You made it through!’

Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Unexpected Request

What did he mean? “Wait for me until midnight and I will come to you.Paused and perplexed I sat and wondered why I should wait for him until midnight.  I questioned the 2 1/2 hour wait.  Should I stay awake?  Did he literally mean midnight or sometime during the middle of the night?  Was it a surprise?  Would he reveal a hidden secret or would I be asked to do something unexpected at such a late hour?  Thoughts were swimming inside my head. Pacing back and forth on my living room floor, I wondered and I waited…  Then it came!  He didn’t just ask me to wait!  He said, “I am coming soon, sooner than you think.  Wait for me until midnight and I will come to you.  Great darkness will fall upon the face of the earth but don’t be afraid, I will come to you.”

Midnight still rang through my mind.  Then I was taken to the parable of the ten virgins:  Matthew 25:1-13.  It became clear —  Midnight: the middle of darkness, wait: hold on, I will come to you: the bridegroom is coming.  In the parable the story depicts 10 virgins who awaited the bridegroom’s return, 5 wise virgins had oil in their lamps (lights burning) who kept them trimmed to burn through the night (darkness) and 5 foolish virgins who did not.  Matthew 25:6 – And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!’

What the Lord spoke to me that night was that many people will let their lights burn out, but those who continue to keep their lights burning while the world grows cold and dark and do not lose hope will see and behold that beautiful moment when the bridegroom returns to sweep away His bride.  We are to be watchful and ready for that day.

Now is not the time to be afraid or grow weary.  Keep your lights burning and hold on for your redemption is very near!  The Lord says: “I Will Come To You.”

All Hope Is Not Lost

It was a beautiful summer evening that I decided to go for a drive and look at a house I was interested in buying, so I asked my parents and brother to join me for the ride.   As we drove along the country road we passed a canal where I noticed a young man fishing.  On the other side of the canal was a parked car, a small boy and a few adults who seemed to be his parents.  All of a sudden the thought raced through my mind, ‘They are fishing for their dinner because they have no food.’  You have to keep in mind there are several canals throughout the town where my parents live so it was normal to see people fishing these canals on a daily basis.  We continued on our journey to this house, looked around for a while and headed back home.   The sun had already set and it began to get dark.  As we neared the canal I noticed the same people were still there.  Immediately my heart sank as I felt a sadness come over me for these people, strongly sensing they didn’t catch dinner for the night.  We continued to pass them by and all I could think was, ‘I don’t have any food for them and by the time we arrive at my parents home and try to gather a few supplies they will be gone when we return.’  There was a churning in my stomach and I suddenly remembered that I had a case of Ramen Noodles left in the trunk of my car which I had bought a few weeks prior.  Immediately I told my brother to turn the car around.  He asked,  ‘Why?’  Again I said to him, ‘Turn the car around and go back to the canal!’  He began to turn the car around and as we approached the canal I could see the people were getting into their vehicle and I told my brother, ‘Drive up and park right next to them.’  Jumping out of the car I noticed the man looked somewhat fearful ready to enter his vehicle.  As I walked up to him I began to ask if they needed any help.  The woman sitting in the driver’s side of the vehicle was watching me with curiosity in her eyes while the man pointed to the other side of the canal and said his son was trying to catch fish for dinner and had no luck catching anything.  He continued to share that they had no food and really hoped they would have a catch for the night.  Then I told him I have a box of Noodles and would he mind if I gave it to them. By this time the woman and child inside the vehicle which he said was his wife and younger son, began to make their way around the car.  As we greeted one another the woman and her husband began to thank me trying to hold back the tears in her eyes.  Suddenly the older son was standing next to us full of curiosity.  I turned toward my car and asked my brother to help me pray with the family.  He immediately joined me as I asked the family if I could pray for them, which they gladly accepted. The woman began to cry as I prayed for them and began to share how much God loves them.  Upon ending the prayer the entire family hugged my brother and I thanking us over and over again.  They were so grateful and appreciative you could feel the Hope that suddenly filled their hearts.  My heart was also blessed and touched by the goodness of God.

~*~ The drive across town that day was no coincidence nor planned.  It was a divine appointment set in motion by God who saw the need of those people and heard the cry of their hearts.   There was no way I could have read the minds of those people to know they were hungry trying to catch food for their dinner, but God knew.   How does someone know that Hope really exists if we never step out and do the very thing God is asking us to do?  How does God fill a need unless we are willing to be obedient and fill that need for Him?  Maybe You have been crying out to Him and asking Him to fill your need.  He wants You to know and understand that ‘Yes’ He hears you and ‘No’ All Hope is Not Lost! ~*~